Originally released in 2004 the War of the Ring board game became a great success. In 2006 the expansion, Battles of the Third Age, was released, and in 2010 the game was released in a limited Collector’s Edition. As only 2000 copies of the Collector’s Edition were sold; finding one today can be quite the challenge.

In 2011 the game received a minor revision to enhance playability and even out the game balance. Thus the Second Edition of War of the Ring was released. The changes from the original 2004 edition are not overwhelming and owners of the original can purchase an upgrade kit. For an overview of the updates and changes follow this link to the publisher's official site.

Here you can see an image of the Second Edition of the game with painted figures (the Nazgūl are from the First Edition), click it for a closer look and eight additional images.

My name is Kristofer Bengtsson and I am the official FAQ Master for this great game.

On this site you will find many useful resources for the War of the Ring game, including the official FAQ, a Download section, a Message Board, and several House Rules.

Please note that some of the images on this website are a preview of Art by John Howe from "War of the Ring"
a game published by Ares Games under license from Sophisticated Games and Middle-earth Enterprises.